Intermittent Fasting II

This has been the first week that I’ve been dipping my toes in intermittent fasting, not the easiest week as Easter was in that first week and in the Netherlands that involves lots of chocolate eggs. (And I tend to like Easter eggs a lot, so lot’s of temptations)

Not eating breakfast and keeping to the regime of eating between 12:00 and 20:00 is pretty easy and only on the first Easter Day did I have a small breakfast to be able to sit with the family.

Weight has gone down from 106 to 104 which is…

As my weight keeps being too high probably due to being a lot at home with lot’s of snacks available and enough time to eat them. After some reading and people I know had good things to say about it I decided to give intermittent fasting a go.

Today ( 3–29–2021 ) is the first day I started putting it into practice. The most natural schema for me felt 16:8 which in essence meant that I’m skipping breakfast, and have a lunch around 12 o’clock.

I’m not yet having any issues with it, but it is the first day and…

Although I own a MacBook Pro and use one for my work as well, I have never ventured into the iPad arena, partially because for my telephone I’ve always been using Android telephones. Privately I own a Galaxy Note S10+ which is my daily driver for mobile devices. I specifically chose this mobile phone because I was travelling extensively and the extra screen estate is appreciated. (I like the pen for doodling and sometimes use it when it makes sense. I also own an iPhone 7 which is my work phone, but that is primarily used for calls and messaging.

It is now almost a year that working from home has become the norm and travel is restricted. 🚫

I tend to watch soccer when I’m doing other things, it is nice as background noise and not to distracting when I’m writing emails or doing other productivity stuff. Now I’m using it as a background while writing this post. There is one important caveat. If my favourite team is playing (AFC Ajax) I won’t be able to do this. Then I’m concentrated on the game and shouldn’t even try to perform anything where my concentration is needed.

Currently it is Barcelona against PSG and the game is good on the background, two goals scored (40:57).


I’ve once seen Barcelona…

I didn’t set it as a goal, but would like to write a bit more however the hard part is to find stuff to write about. Some of the subjects I’ve been thinking about are the following:

  1. Program / Project management which makes sense as that is what I do for a living.
  2. Skiing as that is a hobby I really like, however which is difficult currently as most European ski resorts are closed and travel is discouraged due to COVID-19.
  3. Family live as I’ve got two kids and a wife, due to Covid-19 I’m seeing a lot more of…

And for a Dutch person that basically means that there will be snow and temperatures under -5. We get this kind of weather once every 5 to 10 years and normally this would mean that the Netherlands comes to a complete standstill. Last time more then 5 cm snow fell we had a record breaking traffic jam.

This time it will be different, most people are working from home and there is hardly any need to travel for most people in the Netherlands. …

I’ve been using the new M1 MacBook Pro now for a few days and have been primarily using it on my lap. As I’ve been primarily using it for simple browsing and some other small activities, nothing that actually taxes the machine.

However my body seems to be so used to heat on my lap that I now have the feeling like something hot is on my lap while I’ve checked a few times and the temperature of the laptop is low. Seems my brain is so engrained with the notion that having a laptop on it is hot that it is sending this message to my brain.

This feels a lot like the pings you sometimes hear and then grab your phone and notice that nothing has happened on the phone.

Let’s see whether in a few days still is the same with the MacBook.

I’ve had the last two years a MacBook for my work, after living my whole life in Windows & Linux. When I took the job at Oracle my manager basically asked whether it would be a problem if he provided me with a MacBook or had a preference for a windows machine.

My thought at that point was that it would be good experience to learn a new platform. I knew that there would be some hick ups as I need to run software that normally doesn’t run on the Mac platform like MS-Projects and some internal software. …

As we’ve been going between mild lock down towards a more stricter lockdown and work from home has become the de facto way of working in the Netherlands I’ve seen my weight steadily growing and as I’m already overweight that is not a good trend. I’m aware of it and working from home is not helping at all for several reasons:

  1. There is an abundance of food in the house readily available for grabs
  2. My step count has gone down because my house isn’t as big as a normall office.
  3. I normally work out at the hotel because there’s nothing…

Robbie van der Blom

Passionate about Skiing, Rowing, Technology, and Software Development, my work revolves around ERP (Oracle, SAP, M3, LN), Technology and Program management.

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